Die Gemeinschaft Ganderkeseer Vereine ist im „Haus Adelheide“ in die 67. 18th & 19th century; hanging four-wick pan fat lamp with riveted arch hanging bracket, S link chain and twisted jamb peg/hook, 4"x 4"x 4"; "Sticking Tommy" miner's peg lamp with spring coil candle holder on jamb peg that has a hanger hook and eye grip handle, the shank of peg tapered square stock, 10"; lamp trammel with wire and loop hanger and sawtooth adjustable hook, 17"- 23 3/4"; Condition: all with surface rust, as found condition, ca. 1890; made from salvaged crates and cigar boxes with a scroll cut decorative backboard, large shaped upper shelf and two smaller wall pockets, both trimmed with traditional tramp art chip carved zig-zag trim; the upper pocket with decorative ribbon-type button accents and lower pocket with a sloped top; all in a dark walnut stain, 8 1/4"x 6"x 16 3/4"; Condition: lower pocket is missing a hinging lid & 1 corner trim piece; small chip to left upper edge of backboard & hanger of backboard is damaged from multiple nail holes, ca. 1830; in a mahogany simulated paint with a decorated crotch mahogany headboard with rolled top and curved sides, turned posts and turned legs, 56"x 80"x 71"; Condition: scratches, age & use wear, ca. Cafe. 1840; printed Tauf-schein with four block prints with watercolor accent for birth and baptism of Heppner Spatz, son of Johannes and Lydia Spatz, born August 18, 1840 in Mahonoy Twp., Northumberland Co., PA with baptized name Isaac, framed in a later grain painted frame, Condition: upper corner of print missing & hand illuminated on paper behind print, extensive damage to paper creasing, tears, missing, corner, etc. Society of the Cocalico Valley, "Joseph Long Lehn's Day Book (1856 1876) and His Painted Woodenware" by Clarence E. Spohn, pp. 18th century; barn chest hinges in similar form with wrought joint strap hinges and frog's leg mount: one with spear tip cusp on strap, 16 1/2"x 1"x 7 1/4"; one ball/round cusp on strap, 15 1/4"x 1"x 7"; Condition: both good, no repair, not an exact match, ca. early 20th century; pieced blocks surrounded by dark green printed fabric, quilting following pattern in black, green and red striped pieced backing with front turned to back as border, 80"x 80"; Condition: minor fading on back border, ca. 1825; English Staffordshire pearlware: footed waste bowl with interior diappered border, 6 1/2"d, 3"h, Condition: large area of rim restored, 1" & 3/8" rim lines, (2) 1/2" glaze losses on rim, 1/2" chip on foot ring; plate with rose and vine border, 8 1/4"d, Condition: discolored; handleless cup and saucer with diapered border with two pairs of alternating floral medallions, 3 1/4"d, 2"h cup, 5 1/2"d, 1 1/4"h saucer, Condition: saucer has 1/8" flake on foot ring, ca. late 20th century; small soapstone carving of a seated beaver with front paws up on chest, wide tail, pointed ears, buck teeth and extensive scratch accent fur and on tail; the figure mounted to a wood base plate attributed to Inuit Tribe of Northern Canada, 3 1/4"x 1 3/4"x 2 3/4"; Condition: plywood added to base due to crack across tail; chip to ear, ca. 19th century; tin whale oil handled peg "petticoat" lamp with black tole paint, double burner threaded into domed reservoir with flared base, chamberstick peg under "skirt", 2 3/4"d, 4 1/2"h, 3/4" handle, Condition: some paint loss & missing filler cap; tin handled oil/fluid lamp with double burner, cup style reservoir, domed top and large strap handle, 3 1/4"d, 3 1/4"h, 1" handle; matched pair of tin chambersticks with molded pan bases, riveted cast iron handle and tubular push-up shaft with thumb-pad adjustor, 5 1/4"d, 3 3/4"h, 3/4" handle, ca. 1875-1890; slightly bulbous jelly jar with dark brown lead glaze, rolled rim incised collar ring, 5 3/4"d, 5 1/4"h; squat slightly bulbous crock with yellowish-brown interior lead glaze, rolled rim and typical south central PA form, 6 1/2"d, 4 1/4"h; Turkshead food mold in bowl form with fifteen slightly swirled ribs in the interior turning upward into a central hollow cone with reddish-brown lead glaze with manganese sponging and incised "3" on upper exterior, 8"d, 3 1/4"h; miniature pot with flattened rim, sides tapering downward to a tooled foot flange, 2"d, 1 1/2"h; Condition: miniature pot has flea bite rim flakes, ca. Baltimore" on front and "U.S. Navy White Squadron" with anchor and life preserver on top; Condition: some light rust to surface & darkening, fairly rare form, ca. 1830; 3 assorted colored "Bologna" pattern transfer decorated Staffordshire china soup plates, made by William Adams, England, marked "Bologna" and impressed "Adams" including: 1 blue and 1 mulberry, both 10 1/2"d, 1 red, 9 1/4"d, Condition: good; 3 assorted colored "Bologna" pattern transfer decorated Staffordshire china plates, made by William Adams & Son, England, marked "Bologna" and impressed "Adams", 7 1/4"d, including 1 mulberry and 2 red, Condition: good; pair of mulberry "Bologna" pattern transfer decorated Staffordshire china plates, made by William Adams & Son, England, marked "Bologna" and impressed "Adams", 6"d, Condition: 1 with slight nick on rim; pair of blue "Bologna" pattern transfer decorated Staffordshire china toddy plates, made by William Adams & Son, England, impressed "Adams", 5"d, Condition: good, ca. 1930s; heavy cast iron model of Huber three wheel roller in green, red and gold accent paint, stone grader rack, Huber water tank and driver and operational steering wheel, 15"x 5 1/2"x 5 3/4"; Condition: good, 80-95% original paint, ca. 1960-1970s; metal dial type thermometer with glass lens, marked #495A made in U.S.A.; the screen printed dial with advertisement for "Frostie Root Beer.. 1830; dark blue transfer of herdsman with cattle and sheep within a border of flowers, leaves and scrolls and reverse impressed "Adams Warranted Staffordshire", 15"x 17 1/2"; Condition: faint wear on surface, ca. 1906; serial #529,191 model 5 with arch lift lid encased registry, lid with two locks, register with eleven coin and dollar arms, small spring operated drawer with embossed national brass front, marble top plate with three screw button, small cabinet table/counter top register with fancy casting around entire side and fleur-de-lis casting on upper half with two-side clear glass top, 9 1/2"x 15 3/4"x 16 3/4"; Condition: missing brass tag from top of register, ca. early-mid 19th century; dovetailed constructed softwood chest with hinged lid on iron butt hinges, turned ball feet, stained and varnished finish and lid with two mounted chamfer edge battens, 22 1/4"x 10 1/4"x 12 1/4"; Condition: early painted chest that was scrubbed clean, stained and varnished; split to lid; ideal to re-decorate, ca. unspecified; primitive farm cow hand wrought from old file with long muzzle, ears mounted through hole and flared, legs mounted through holes with pad feet, twisted long tail and eyes hot punch striked, 6"x 1 1/2"x 2"; Condition: often times placed in beam under barn floors as a mystical protection, some surface rust, ca. 1840; poplar in an old white paint with a back splash on top over a single deep drawer over three more shallow drawers, with round brass pulls, all resting on turned bulbous front feet, 41 1/2"x 18"x 49 1/2"; Condition: key holes now plugged; 1 lock missing, ca. nip, nir-niz; noa-noh, noj-non, nop, nor-noz; nqa-nqh, nqj-nqn, nqp, nqr-nqz; pai-pzi; pao-pzo; paq-pzq; pia-pih 2011 pij-pin, pip, pir-piz; poa-poh, poj-pon, pop, por-poz; pqa-pqh, pqj-pqn, pqp, pqr-pqz; tai-tzi; tao-tzo; taq-tzq; tia-til 2012 tim-tin, tip, tir-tiz; toa-toh, toj-ton, top, tor-toz; tqa-tqh, tqj-tqn, tqp, tqr-tqz; uia-uiz; uai-uzi; uao-uzo; uoa-uov 2013 uow-uoz; uaq-uhq, ujq-un 1885; salt glazed cylindrical shaped stoneware jar with four multi-feather stroke designs each with a large comma ending, flattened banded rim, everted neck, incised collar ring and Albany slip glaze interior, possibly Strasburg, VA, 5 1/4"d, 7 1/4"h; Condition: cobalt fry, ca. 1793 dated; printed by Johannes Ritter for Friederich Krebs featuring a heart shaped text box with small heart verse blocks in lower center, watercolor accent with floral design attributed to Krebs; the print recording Catharina Lergy, daughter of Johannes & Christina Lergy, born July 12, 1793, Richland, Berks Co., PA and framed in a gold leaf accented deepwell molded frame, 18 1/2"x 15 1/2"x 1 1/4"; Condition: center creasing & some separation; some water stains & soiling, ca. PLATE, PIA. 1810-1830; conical shaped reservoir with reverse conical weighted base with roller molding accent, wire brace strap handle, tin stem collar cap with cloth wick, 3"d, 7 1/2"h; Condition: some light rusting on base, overall good with some denting, ca. 1850; English Porcelain: six footed covered bulbous teapot, 6 1/2"d, 7 1/4"h, Condition; good; six footed covered bulbous sugar, 5 1/2"d, 6 1/2"h, Condition: 1/4" interior rim chip; six footed bulbous creamer, 4"d, 5"h, Condition: good; footed waste bowl, 6 3/4"d, 3 3/4"h, Condition: good; pair of biscuit plates, 8 3/4"x 9 1/4", Condition: under rim 1/8" flake; twelve handled cup and saucers, 4"d, 2 1/2"h cups & 5 3/4"d, 1 1/4"h saucers, Condition: some discoloration; 1 cup with kiln deposit on rim, ca. William McKinley in shield shaped frame in center with border of forty five stars having a rope edge, 7 1/4"d; McKee Brothers, Pittsburgh, Pa. clear "McKinley Protection and Plenty" pattern glass plate, center with bust of Pres. 1820-1835; earthenware plate having an indented rim with fraternal emblems of the Masons and Odd Fellows, center with a brown transfer of roses and other flowers, overglaze enamels in brown, green, mauve, red, salmon and yellow, 6 1/2"d, Condition: minor wear; 17 medallion border earthenware plate with simple floral design in center, overglaze enamels in black, green, orangey-red, lustre and yellow, 6 1/2"d, Condition: minor wear; earthenware slightly scalloped rim of blossoms and leaves with center in purplish transfer of men loading household goods onto a cart with several of B. Franklin's popular maxim's and overglaze enamel border in blue, green and red, 7 1/4"d, Condition: good; creamware plate with the four emblems of the United Kingdom (England, Ireland, Scotland & Whales) with overglaze enamels in black, green, lustre and yellow, English Staffordshire, Condition: some wear, ca. Aug. 31, 1858 patent date; fine wooden round spice box set with tin banded lid and bottom; containing: a large round box, seven small round spice boxes and one medium spice box; each interior box stenciled on lid for spice and bottom strike marked by maker from Newark, NJ, the bottom of the large box marked in pencil "Mabel A. Herr, Grandmother Hershey's Spice Box, October 1904", 9 1/4"d, 3 1/4"h largest; Condition: good, ca. 1853 dated; broadside contains a fifteen verse hymn beginning "O du edles Trauer Leben, O du edle Trubfals Reis; Wer Geduld hier lern't zu pflegen, Bis sein Kleid geschwitzet weis....", bottom left with "Benjamin Specht den 10' Junius 1842. early 19th century; Continental lidded bentwood box with paint decorated tulip designs, 14 1/2"x 9"x 4 1/2"; Condition: split lid has been repaired with glue, ca. 1940-1950s; all appear to be early/original buttons photo print of player wrapped over metal button with inset brass/steel wire pinbacks: two color back buttons Larry Berra (Yogi) in blue and Jackie Robinson in yellow; small size Ted Williams; Big Bill Lee Chicago Cubs pennant; eight black and white buttons including: Mickey Mantel, Gil Hodges, Don Newcombe, Roy Campanella, Phil Rizutto, "Pee Wee" Reese, Gabby Harnett, Yogi Berra, 1 1/4"- 1 3/4"d; Condition: good, ca. ; fine covered saffron turned from poplar wood in Lehn's turning form and paint decoration with seated flat lid having a blue/black painted round knob, painted strawberry design and pussey willow band to rim of lid, strawberry vine design on lid and scratch initialed "H.M.Z." 1880; salt glazed blue decorated jar is marked with impressed 1 gallon mark in circle mark, jar with two side ear handles and has full brush-stroke cobalt blue decoration around entire form of high jar, the wheel thrown jar with a narrow base, banded square collar rim and lower foot with bead scratch molded base, 7 1/4"d, 10 1/4"h; Condition: 3 chips to base & 2 hairline cracks across bottom of jar; fine line cracks to lower portion of jar, ca. See what Edeltraud Ebenhoch (nesthocker) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. 1835; footed bowl with mulberry transfer of an oriental scene and a scalloped rim, 8 3/4"d, 4 1/2"h, Condition: some edge wear, shallow 1/8" shallow flake on foot; dome top coffee pot with red transfer of a European lake scene and a beehive finial, English Staffordshire earthenware, 6 1/2"d, 11"h, Condition: 1/8" spout rim flake, (2) 1/8" flake on foot ring, 1 1/2" & 1/4" interior (lower section) with horizontal lines (not through), ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware transfer with reverse having a blue ink back stamp "A View Near Philadelphia" by James & Ralph Clews, 10 1/4"d; Condition: scarce size, ca. … 1780; in pine with pinwheel design on top and potted plant's on side and front resting on the original bracket feet, the lid opening to a left side till and long shaped strap hinges, 50"x 21 1/2"x 24"; Condition: lid to till missing, replaced keeper & lock, plugged hole in front, inpaint on sides & front, ca. Saturday, January 11, 7:00 A.M. throughout the auction, Sale to be held at the Horst Auction Center, 50 Durlach Rd., Ephrata, PA 17522, (The corner of Rt. mid 18th century; fine wrought iron side hinges with a ball center mount and ornate split-tipped ram's horn accent, cusps scroll tipped and old gray paint, 12"x 5 3/4"; Condition: both good with old paint, ca. 18th-19th century; thumb latch with spear tip upper and lower cusp, bead accented rounded handle with latch bar, 8"x 2 1/2", Condition: good; thumb latch with lima bean upper and lower cusp and three line accent to rounded handle, 7 1/4"x 1 1/4", Condition: good; relic thumblatch with lima bean upper and lower cusp and latch bar, 8 1/4"x 1 1/2", Condition: good; thumb latch with long rounded spear tip upper and lower cusps and a latch bar with catch, 8 3/4"x 1 1/4", Condition: pitting, ca. 1810; in walnut with a rectangular top over a single drawer with wood knob over a box stretcher base on turned feet, 45"x 35 1/2"x 30"; Condition: minor age cracking to top and 1 round nickel sized divot to top, ca. early-mid 20th century; pine/softwood box with half lap and nail construction with hinged lid on nailed iron butt hinges and small chest lock, colorful red and green banded comb grain decoration, front panel with green band with fern frond design, side panels accented with diamond design and comb scratch on green band, 10 1/2"x 6 3/4"x 5"; Condition: good primitive form, ca. mid-late 19th century; factory made pineapple design print with egg shaped handle, chip notched pie crimp border, 4 1/4"x 2 3/4", Condition: some chipping to edge of print; round box mold with four floral frond carved print with floral print accents with turned knob, 3"d, 3 1/4"h, Condition: good; handle round turned print with wheat sheath and floral accent and notched "pie crimp" border, 4"x 3 1/4", Condition: some deterioration to edge accent, ca. 18th century; thumblatch with matched spear tipped tulip upper and lower cusps, chamfer edge handle and latch bar, attributed to south central, PA, 10 1/4"x 1 1/4"x 2 1/2"; Condition: very good, no repairs, ca. 1972 dated; painting of four people skating on a pond in winter scene with home in background, fence in foreground, signed by Hattie Brunner, Reinholds, PA on left side and framed in a simple painted frame, 11 1/2"x 9 1/2"; Condition: matting covers portion of outer portion of painting, ca. on center plate and rim of measure with later scrub and stain finish, signed in paint Geo. Jenny Lind Bakery. 1800; wrought iron spring lever latch lock with spear tipped ornamental back plate, spring lever elbow cup top press handle and removable outside handle with latch and spring having filework accent, 8 3/4"x 5"x 4 1/4"; Condition: exterior handle is included but has extensive heavy pitting, ca. Joy, PA, 60"x 9 3/4"x 3/4"; Condition: surface of paint crackled & faded, ca. 1990; Mill Creek at Monterey Rd. mid 20th century; two plank sign with ogee molded frame: one side with white painted planks and black lettering "Fresh Strawberries" with colorful red strawberry and green leaves painted in upper right corner; the second side cream painted with black lettering "Sandiwches, salads" and black painted trim, 35 1/2"x 18 1/2"x 1 1/2"; Condition: 1st side probably secondary paint & has crackled surface; hanging wire & eye screw mounted into side 2, ca. unknown; pair of molded, frosted caryatid shape colorless glass candle holders, square base with cut corners, round candle sockets mounted on the head of each figure, 10 3/4"x 4"; Condition: stress lines in bases, ca. Stockholm Pottery. 1900; friendship quilt made to raise money for United Brethren Church in Elizabethtown, Lancaster Co., signed by members of clergy and congregation in the late 1800s; red, black and yellow printed cotton and white cotton triangles hand pieced and banded with white cotton fabrics, hand quilted, 82"x 74"; Condition: excellent, ca. Sie stieß die Kugel 8,68 Meter, kam im Weitsprung auf 4,61 Meter und im Hochsprung auf 1,44 Meter. 1850-1870; factory made duplicator turned blank with flat knob grip and stylized front design of a pear-like figure, cross-hatch carved accent to fruit and deep V-groove accent to leaves with pie crimp rim, 3 3/4"d, 2 1/2"h, Condition: some surface staining; early lathe turned ball grip handle and deep acorn design with notched band, 3 1/2"d, 3"h, Condition: Crack to print, ca. 1835; with simple blue, green and red floral design: teapot in four footed London shape, 3 3/4"x 3 1/4"x 4", Condition: (2) 1/8" interior rim flakes, lid fits but doesn't have a vent hole; elongated open vegetable with ribbed handles on each end, base impressed "Davenport" and anchor mark, English Staffordshire earthenware, 1"x 3 1/2"x 4 3/4", ca. early 19th century; plate with plain rim and unidentified impressed rosette mark, 6 1/2"d; Condition: small glaze nick on face of plate, ca. 1830-1870s; early clear molded rib panel whale oil lamp with applied clear handle, hexagon base with tapered panel top form and single stem fluid burner with pewter burner and collar, 2 1/2"d, 4"h, 1" handle, Condition: some deterioration to burner & collar; three mold formed cobalt color kerosene finger lamp with peanut design and hinged Colbourn pat. Rogers and displayed on a modern primitive peg stand, 7 1/2"x 3"x 12"; Condition: extensive paint loss to surface of bird & early repair to neck separation, ca. McKinley" below, 2 3/4"d, 3 3/4"h; Condition: all good, ca. 1833 dated; very fine bookplate has a bright colored 4-petal flower blooming from a small heart shape text box with red ink script verse about "Das Herze", the flower has spear tipped flowering accents emanating from central button of flower and from a diamond design base, professionally framed in a burl veneer frame, 8 1/4" x 10 1/2", Condition: Excellent, ca. 1890-1920; softwood nail constructed six drawer spice cabinet with quarter round molded base, bread board hanger and half rounded top with nail constructed drawer boxes with lipped drawer fronts and porcelain knobs in distressed red milk paint over yellow paint with back painted red and varnished, 12"x 6 1/2"x 16 1/2"; Condition: impossible to determine age due to distressing; hanger board is glue applied & possibly re-worked; cabinet is not a new reproduction; some reworking & refinishing, ca. 1855; four mulberry transfer: three with blue, green and yellow overglaze enamels including: oblong octagonal platter, Condition: restored rim & 1 1/4" rim line; octagonal base taper-sided pitcher, 1/4" rim chip; covered octagonal base sugar, Condition: finial broken off & glued back on, discolored; mulberry transfer only, slightly bulbous octagonal base pitcher with two green transfer with blue, green, red and yellow overglaze enamel, Condition: 1 3/8" rim line at handle, (5) 1/2" rim lines (not through), some edge wear on spout; covered teapot with octagonal base and tapered side, Condition: 1 1/2" line around base of finial, 1/8" rim flake on lid; fourteen paneled waste bowl, Condition: 1/8" rim flake, (9) rim lines, 1" & smaller, some not through; squarish footed open vegetable, octagonal base with red transfer with blue, green and yellow overglaze enamel, Condition: discolored, worn surfaces, midsection 4" vertical line, (3) rim lines 1 1/4" & smaller, ca. July 6th, 1875", molded handles on ends in shape of human hands holding batons or barbells, made by Atterbury Brothers, Pittsburgh and made for the "Continental Hotel", corner of 9th and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, owned by J. E. Kingsley, probably given or sold as souvenirs of the hotel and the Centennial, 12 3/4" x 9"; Condition: all good, ca. 1823 dated; print with heart outlined textbox with eagle block print above textbox, watercolor accented with large flowering heart side verse vignettes (block prints), bordered in a type block outline, recording Jacob Emrich, son of Johannes & Maria Emrich, Lebanon Co., PA, 18 3/4"x 15 1/2"x 1" framed; Condition: light fold creasing; small tear line to left side & some paper foxing, ca. 1850; porcelain footed waste bowls in Columbine, two Grape pattern and a Feather pattern bowl, 5 3/4"- 6 3/4"d & 3"-3 1/2"h; Condition: 1 Grape pattern with 1 7/8" & 1 1/2" rim lines; 1 Grape bowl with 1 5/8" base spider; Columbine- 2" & 2 1/8" rim lines; Feather- 2 1/4" & 1 5/8" rim lines, ca. 1880-1900; egg shaped ornament in heavy blown glass with gold mercury reverse paint and an impressed brass hanger, 2 1/2"d, 4"h; Condition: some separation of painted reverse decoration, ca. 1815; blue transfer pearlware dome top coffee pot, ball finial, oriental landscape, elongated pear shape, English Staffordshire, 6"d, 11 1/2"h; Condition: restored lid & spout tip, ca. late 19th - early 20th century; turned maple footed master salt with wide sloped foot, narrow collar stem and flared salt cup with dabbles of red stain and varnish finish, 2 1/2"d, 3"h; turned maple pepper pot with round pedestal foot, egg cup type pepper pot with seated high knob lid that has drilled holes, red stained brush strokes and accent and varnished, 2"d, 4 1/2"h; Condition: both good, ca. early 20th century; pieced fabrics with yellow cross stitched decoration, green banding with pieced red, blue and green twill weave back, 66"x 64"; Condition: excellent, ca. 1860; PA molded redware dog with slab base decorated with impressed circles, also on dog's collar band, dog fully incised to simulate fur with clear brownish lead glaze, 4"x 1 3/4"x 4 1/4"; Condition: good, ca. 1860; in a brown paint with yellow pin striping and flowered backs, chairs with rounded backs, splat and plank seat, resting on turned legs with stretchers, 18"x 17"x 35"; Condition: age & use wear to original paint, ca. The size of the sheet is 7inches x 5 inches or 18x13 cm The rubber sheet contains all the images you see … 1890; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jar impressed "T Grim/ Strasburg, VA" "1" (Theophilus Grim) with a flattened rim, everted neck, incised shoulder ring and Albany slip glaze interior, 6 3/4"d, 9 1/2"h; Condition: 5/8", 1/4" & smaller rim flakes, network of stress lines in lower half, ca. 1930-1940s; the cast iron basket doorstop is unsigned but is a model 120 doorstop produced by Hubley with woven wicker basket and large petunia and daisy form, 7 3/4"x 2"x 9 1/2"; Condition: painted surface fair with some rust & additional paint spattering, 60-70% original, ca. 1900-1930; brown and tan velvet cloth cat with glass eyes, sawdust/seltzer stuffed with stitch accent to muzzle and tan ears applied to head, cat crouching and front paws grasping string, 9 1/2"x 2 3/4"x 5"; Condition: extensive fraying to ears, otherwise very good, ca. 1840 & 1850; squat globular shape with engraved cluster of grapes and vine band, "E Smith/ 3" touch on base (Eben Smith, Beverly, Mass. 1825; transfer plate with floral border, medallions of Pittsfield church, reverse blue ink back stamp "Winter View of Pittsfield Mass" and impressed "Clews Warranted Staffordshire", English Staffordshire earthenware, 7 3/4"d; Condition: blurry transfer, slight discoloration, ca. Sachse. 33516.43585.45884/55886 2222, Switzerland" and "MF" monogramed manufacturer's trademark, 24 1/4"W x 11"D x 7 3/4"H; Condition: good, ca. early-mid 19th century; coopered double measure with three metal bands, tool strike marked "C. 1890-1920; round tray "Thanksgiving Greeting, Compliments of C.D. 1790; in pine with a red/brown paint, lid opening to a left side till and long strap hinges with lollipop ends, grab lock and keeper, over three drawers with brass pulls and keyed locks, attributed to York Co., 44"x 31"x 80"; Condition: feet ended out; scratches; age & use wear, ca. ], ca. early-mid 19th century; dovetailed copper tankard with a flared rim and riveted attached handle and a copper pitcher having a riveted brass handle, marked "HODGES & SONS/ DUBLIN", 6 1/2"x 4 1/2"x 6" & 8"x 4 1/2"x 8 1/2"; Condition: polished, ca. 1830; English Staffordshire earthenware: French view with stone bridge, one having arched section, toddy plate impressed on reverse "E Wood & Sons, Burslem Warranted/ Semi China" with U.S. spread eagle seal mark, 4 3/4"d, Condition: restored; dinner plate with blue ink back stamp on reverse "Moulin Sur La Marne/ a Carenton" and above impressed mark, 9"d, Condition: spot of restoration on back rim; dinner plate with oriental garden scene, 10"d, Condition: good, ca. 1820-1830; English Staffordshire earthenware: Gubbins, Hertfordshire gravy tureen tray, reverse with blue ink back stamp "Gubbins/ Hertfordshire" and impressed "Enoch Wood & Sons Burslem" with US Seal and grape vine border, 6"x 7 3/4"; Cokethorpe Park, Oxfordshire oval relish dish, reverse with blue ink backstamp "Cokethorpe Park/ Oxfordshire" by Enoch Wood & Sons, grapevine border and retains "Wolfe Collection" label, 5 1/2"x 8 1/2"; reticulated oval platter with a pseudo oriental landscape, 6 1/4"x 9"; Condition: all good, ca. Faschingssession. 1850; English porcelain: six footed, twelve paneled covered teapot, 8 1/4"x 6 1/2", Condition: lid by association (too large), 2 1/4" vertical mid-section line; six footed, twelve paneled covered sugar bowl, 6 1/2"x 5 1/2", Condition: 1 1/8" interior stress mark, 1/4" stress mark at base of handle, mid-section crescent shaped surface defect, 3/8" chip on one foot; molded round waste bowl with four shallow lobes each with a pair of thin vertical lobes in between, slightly scalloped rim, 6 1/4"d, 3 1/2"h, Condition: numerous short rim lines, 1 3/4" line in base; biscuit plate, 9 1/4"x 9 3/4", Condition: discolored, ca.

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